The Tortoise Does Beat the Hare

October 10, 2018 Phil Bashore No comments exist

The Tortoise Does Beat the Hare

In our fast-paced world, we need to remember that it is not always how fast we go. It’s equally important to remember to be persistent – to keep hanging in there – to keep on keeping on. The story of The Tortoise and The Hare is an old tale that speaks truth even today. In the tale, the hare got tired rushing ahead so much so that he could barely finish, let alone be the winner.  The turtle however persevered along, taking his time and in the end, was ultimately the victor.  In Early Childhood we see an important correlation to this children’s fable in that it is not how fast a child learns something new, but how much stamina the child has even in the face of apparent failure and adversity.  It is important to encourage our kids to learn to be positive and keep their spirits up, to believe in themselves – to know they can succeed even in adversity.  Our words of encouragement, our tone, our approach can and does make a huge difference in how a child learns to perceive success. Are they learning they must win at whatever cost to them physically, mentally, socially and spiritually? Or are they learning to keep their eyes fastened on the prize and to keep learning and growing and pushing through the obstacles that may come their way so that they do finish victorious for having stayed the course?

Remember – the tortoise does beat the hare



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