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Did you know that we made a commitment to prepare healthier and more nutrient dense foods to our children? In 2017 we decided that we needed to use more fresh products and less processed. We chose to quit serving juice every day because of the high sugar content. Now we serve juice a couple times a week if at all and the juice we serve is organic and has no artificial coloring added. We serve water and milk in its place. Juice is no longer counted as a fruit component in our meals. We choose fresh, dried, frozen, or unsweetened canned (as much as possible) fruit instead of canned every day. Our vegetables are fresh or frozen as much as possible. Fruit, nuts and vegetables are now in a more prominent position on our menu for snacks and meals. We no longer serve processed chicken nuggets or fish sticks; these items are now hand breaded or prepared unbreaded. Our brownies, muffins and cookies are made from scratch. We even have began making our own pizza crusts and soft pretzels. Children are served a wide variety of foods whether as a snack or as lunch. We hear from our younger friends frequently, “I don’t like that” before they ever try it. We encourage the kids to try at least 2 bites (we call this the Two Bite Club) and if they still do not care for it they do not have to eat it. Ironically, we find they do indeed like it and will come close to finishing it. One item we recently discovered the preschool kids enjoy is raw tomatoes (with a little bit of salt – wink wink) and a snack the school age kids love is a meat and cheese tortilla roll up with vegetables and a mayo/ mustard spread.

Going to an almost all organic meal plan was a bit scary when thinking about our budget; however, we have been able to shop more at Aldi’s and supplement with Meijer and Kroger. We are spending less on groceries now than we did a year and a half ago. This has been a blessing. How do you make it all work when you source your specialty items like organic or non-GMO products? Share your ideas on this thread on our Facebook page as well as suggestions of foods you know your child loves that are healthier choices.


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