COVID-19 Update 4/1/2020

April 1, 2020 Phil Bashore No comments exist


The Lighthouse will remain temporarily closed through this crisis and we await news from the Governor’s office as to when we will be able to contemplate opening back up for normal operations.

Based on demands in mid-March when this Ohio crisis intervention began, along with a host of additional licensing requirements for the Pandemic, we did not pursue the special Pandemic Childcare License to offer childcare during this Pandemic crisis.

Ms. Kendall is running into the center in the next week to go through accounts to identify any balances due. Invoices will be issued and either emailed or mailed depending on your account. If you receive an invoice, please either mail your payments before the end of April or message with account information so we can process an automatic deduction and get these cleared up so it isn’t hanging over everyone’s head. We know some may be incurring financial hardships at this time and if so, please message me on Facebook so that we can work with you.

Several of you have reached out to check in and see how we all are doing and I am so appreciative of this on behalf of my staff. Your thoughtfulness and concern have been so wonderful and appreciated. The staff are so grateful for you and we miss you. Childcare and early childhood education is hard work and when we work with your kids daily we develop strong bonds with them. It is hard to be away from them for such a long period of time. Hug them for us all. Know we love you each and we certainly miss our daily interactions with you. We take our relationships with you and yours very serious.

Please, do not hesitate to reach out through Messenger on Facebook if you have any needs or prayer requests. I am praying for you all!

Mrs. Bashore

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