Beacon Newsletter – March, 2018

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Beacon March 2018

The past two days have really hinted at the promise of spring! I don’t know about you, but my soul cried out in joy! The past few weeks I have woke up to the sound of birds chirping and singing. Change is happening around us. Song of Solomon 2:11-12 reminds:

See! The winter is past;
the rains are over and gone.
Flowers appear on the earth;
the season of singing has come,
the cooing of doves
is heard in our land.

We are so thankful that our God is in control of the seasons order and have faith that we will see warmer days ahead! Daylight saving time (March 11) is around the corner and soon the playground will regularly be filled with the sounds of children’s voices once again!

We are starting another round of fevers. State law prohibits children from being here with a fever. They must have been fever free for 24 hours without the aid of a fever reducer. It is important that we all work together to help prevent the spread of communicable diseases.

Thank You for all your kindness and prayers during my illness this month. Emergency surgery puts a strain on everyone and I realize you all have been left in limbo a bit and I apologize and want to express my thankfulness at your understanding and thoughtfulness!
Mrs Bashore

Re-Enrollment: Re-enrollment for our current and church families will be in effect through Friday March 9, close of business. Currently enrolled families as well as church families may re/enroll their children for half price. That’s right! $25 per a child instead of the normal $50 and $45 for additional children. Enrollment fees are due for all children whether private pay or publicly funded. Payment must be received in full along with the re-enrollment paperwork or registration is not complete and full price will be required after the 9th. The re-enrollment form is inlcuded in the PDF file attached above. Please indicate any changes to your child’s enrollment, such as scheduled days of attendance, class, etc. Scheduling of staff begins in August and is based on your indications on this form. Summer day camp materials will be sent home soon. Please note school age spaces fill up fast due to transportation limits. If you are a resident of Tipp City and will enroll your school ager in our summer program, please look for summer pool pass information on the City’s Aquatic Center website. This amounts to quite a bit of savings for you.

March is snack month – donations of snacks such as low sugar cereals, raisins/dried fruit, cheese sticks, whole grain crackers, pretzels, and grahams are great additions to what we can offer.

Feb. 26 – Mar. 2 “READ ACROSS AMERICA”


We are celebrating Dr. Seuss’s birthday on Friday, March 2, and will enjoy daily readings, and themes to celebrate the importance of literature in our lives. Some favorite authors we will read this year include Eric Carle, Robert Munch, and Bill Martin, Jr. In addition, we will enjoy beloved Berenstain Bears selections as well as the sweet and tender, I Will Always Love You.

Every year in March we heavily emphasize how important early language & literacy skills are to all the children we serve. Here are some recent language & literacy facts:

“According to the National Education Association, having kids read a lot is one of the crucial components of becoming a good reader. Young readers need to become practiced at recognizing letters and sounds. The only way to get good at it is to practice.”  One of the best ways to accomplish this is to read to children daily. Read environmental print, signs, packaging, favorite restaurant signa and logos packaging as well as candies, beverages, toys, and action heroes… read books, write stories, write words, sound out words, rhyme words, use alliteration (Peter Piper picked a peck of pickled peppers…)

“Early literacy is a mix of experiences that involves all five senses. Early literacy tactics focus on a child’s developmental abilities and preparedness to acquire literacy skills. Activities not only include reading and exploring books, but also coloring, painting on the easel and construction and drama playing (Birken, 26).”

This will also kick off our month-long literacy event to encourage reading with your children daily. Some of my favorite times have been reading to my school age children while sharing a few minutes every night reading a chapter book. I am so glad that many of you already do this! Please keep a list of how long you read to your child or they read to themselves if they can
do that. We would like to see 100% participation for this event! Stock up on library books to have plenty of reading materials. We will recognize each child’s efforts, but everyone who participates wins in the end! Return your completed lists by March 22, please. A school wide pizza party has been promised for successfully completing 5000 total minutes of reading. Send some photos via the Facebook page and share the fun!

Happy Reading!

Monday – Berenstain Bears’ – safe strangers – Read Green Eggs & Ham for lunch – dress like your favorite community helper

Tuesday – Eric Carle – Very Hungry Caterpillar – Caterpillar snack – dress like your favorite animal- read Noah, Noah What Do You See – sink and float science                         

Wednesday – There Was an Old Lady Day – dress like an old person – paint with fly swatters (dress accordingly for messy painting) – science of making snow  

Thursday – Robert Munch Day – More Pies – Snack is Pancakes and Milkshakes – Show and Tell – bring your favorite book to share – wear your clean pajamas and bring your slippers – Love You Forever – warm pajamas and bring your slippers! Each child will receive a very special gift this day from the Lighthouse staff!                                            

Friday – Dr. Seuss Day – Celebrate with a Birthday Party – Foot Book, Green Eggs & Ham, Cat & the Hat – make ‘Cat Hat’ Pizzas for lunch – name and phonics work – wear a crazy hat today


Thank you, parents, for supporting our literacy activities and efforts!

Read Across America Poem

You’re never too old, too wacky, too wild, to pick up a book and read with a child.

You’re never too busy, too cool, or too hot, to pick up a book and share what you’ve got.

In schools and communities, let’s gather around, let’s pick up a book, let’s pass it around.

Calendar Dates to note:                                                                                            

February 26 – March 2            “Read Across America” Week

March 2 – 9                              Preschool Parent Teacher conferences – by appointment – see sign in station for available times

March 26 – March 29               Spring Break Week – No preschool classes Childcare Open –  sign-up required)                      

March 30                                 Closed Good Friday

April 16 – 20                            St. Jude’s Trik-a-thon/ SA Fun Run  

April 24                                   Spring Preschool Program, 7 pm           – PS age children should arrive no later than 6:40 pm and in costumes – teachers will have further info on this for you

April 30 – May 1                                Brigance Developmental Screening by Easter Seals


Our annual Parent Teacher Conferences will be held by appointment from March 2 – 9.

Please check the sign-up sheets located by the sign-in stand.  If you cannot make any of these times, please see your child’s teacher to plan for another time.

Spring Program – We know the children will be wearing “Hip Hop” style clothing at this point, but we do not have many details. The theme is “A Day in Our Life” – it is going to be spectacular! Some of your kids really got groove – and some, well…they don’t. Can you guess where your child is on this spectrum?



Our ongoing school age room revitalization is continuing in our effort to “de-institutionalize” our school age space. The kids spend so much time in school we want to make sure when they come here that they have a more home like and warm atmosphere to unwind and de-stress a bit. Throughout the month peek in their room and see the transformations taking place. Some are subtler than others. We asked them, and of course they had an opinion, and we are listening to what they want.

We value each and every one of our families!  If we can be of assistance to you in any way, please let us know.


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